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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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People born between March 21 - April 19 are born within the sun sign Aries

All About Aries Man

People born between April 20 - May 20 are born within the sun sign Taurus
All About Taurus Man

People born between May 21 - June 21 are born within the sun sign Gemini
All about Gemini Man
People born between June 22 - July 22 are born within the sun sign Cancer
All About Cancerian Man
People born between July 23 - August 22 are born within the sun sign Leo
All About Leo Man


People born between August 23 - September 22 are born within the sun sign Virgo

All About Virgo Man


People born between September 23 - October 23 are born within the sun sign Libra

All About Libra Man

People born between October 24 - November 21 are born within the sun sign Scorpio

All About Scorpio Man

People born between November 22 - December 21 are born within the sun sign Sagittarius

All About Saggitarious Man

People born between December 22 - January 19 are born within the sun sign Capricorn
All About Capricornian Man

People born between January 20 - February 18 are born within the sun sign Aquarius
All About Aquarious Man

People born between February 19 - March 20 are born within the sun sign Pisces

All About Pisces Man

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All About Saggitarious Man

Sagittarius man - November 23-December 21


He will age but never grow old, he will flirt with many but never break a heart, he will laugh with you but never at you…he is the quintessential Sagittarian man. Easy to talk to and easy to be with, he takes mere social small talk to a new level of stimulating conversation. Not only is he blessed with eloquence but he is also knowledgeable enough to converse on a range of topics. With a Sagittarius guy for company, there would never be a dreary moment to crib about.

His penchant for knowledge and eagerness to know more is touched with a child-like innocence, although this is no indication that he lacks worldly wisdom. He is street smart, and his easy-going nature belies an intellectual mind and a rare spiritual consciousness too.

The Sagittarian guy has patience but just enough patience to get along smoothly in life. You can’t make undue demands on his time and generosity as that might make him lose his patience. The best way to get friendly with him is to share his sense of humour. And that’s not all, as there is a lot more to this Sagittarian male persona...

How can you identify a Sagittarius man in a crowd?

Sagittarius men are seen and known to be more assertive than aggressive. There might be some 15 odd per cent of Sagittarius men who would have an aggressive body language. The majority come across as extremely composed, patient, sure about what they want and where they wish to get…without showing the least amount of apprehension or urgency.

You can usually identify a Sagittarius man through his speech. He is usually very knowledgeable and when he speaks you will notice certain authoritativeness on the subject of his conversation. He is great at playing with words and is usually very charming with women. He is equally animated during conversations with his male friends. This is one guy who likes to use logic in everything. Although practical, he is also extremely adventurous and not one to dread trying untested waters.

In his commitments as well as words he is extremely straightforward and blunt yet he possesses a unique quality of being a diplomat too.

What are the key features of his personality?

The Sagittarius male is much like his female counterpart in various aspects. He is adventurous by nature, often boisterous in his manner, loves the outdoors, gets easily frustrated by the mundane, is quick to fall in love and is passionate in expressing the same.

For a Sagittarius man two and two make four. Life’s as simple as that and he will be quite direct about it too. He doesn’t waste time mincing words, although he is pretty good with them. While expressing his opinions he is forthright and sometimes even blunt. But let me assure you his sharp tongue makes no difference to his popularity. His bluntness is very well balanced with charm and diplomacy.

This attribute makes him an ace at maintaining relationships. He dislikes unpleasantness of any kind with his acquaintances and is therefore apt to patch up any dispute he may have with them. He always prefers being on good terms with everybody. Because of this quality Sagittarius men tend to be friendly and at ease with ex-girlfriends and ex-wives too.

How should one deal effectively with a Sagittarius man?

A Sagittarius male finds it difficult to deal with people who are either not at par with his intellectual level or on the same mental page. So far I have made him sound intense (which he is) but at the same time he is also extremely humourous and witty. More often displaying a dry sense of humour, he finds it easy to get along with people who possess the same.

Being detailed, he has a knack for asking questions (and I mean a lot of questions) that are relevant to the situation at hand and isn’t satisfied till he gets the right answers. His follow-ups are equally prompt for questions that are left unanswered. So to effectively deal with a Sagittarius man you must have carried out your homework with due diligence.

Is there something more to his persona?

A Sagittarian male has the gift of the gab. With his persuasive skills, he is very good at convincing others. That’s what makes him excel at marketing and sales. Want to sell snow to Eskimos? He’s the man for you!

People say Sagittarians have a strong luck factor working for them. But the truth is if you believe in your ideas and dreams and back it up with sincerity, hard work and self- confidence you can achieve most things in life. The self-confidence quotient of saying and believing in ‘I can’ gets you to places…and that’s the secret Sagittarian mantra.

A Sagittarius male is quite independent in his thinking and I have observed that his thoughts are laced with creativity. And this is no ordinary creativeness…there’s something unique in his thinking process, so much so that you will find him arriving at conclusions different from most men.

And it is this unique thought process that makes him lead a life away from home. He needs space for himself and may find the sentimental atmosphere at home a bit stifling. But that is not to say he is bereft of emotions…he values his relationships but also recognises the potency of his own needs.

How is he on the following aspects?

Appearance: When it comes to clothing and accessories, he believes in style and fashion. He might not admit it but he is conscious about his looks…literally from head(hair) to toe. Just like his fire sign counterparts, he appreciates everything that comes with a luxury tag and regal air. He is usually metrosexual and belongs to that category of men who subscribe to men’s magazines in order to keep up with trends, fashions and what not. He has deep-pocket, sunken eyes and sports a mature look on his face from quite an early age.

Ambition: If you ever come across a Sagittarius man who is not ambitious, let me know.Sagittarius men come with an in-built mechanism to succeed. And they have ample ambition to drive them ahead. Moreover, their instinct to have the very best of everything is coupled with their desire to excel at everything.

Very often a Sagittarius man is led into ambitious plans due to his passion and he can be quite intuitive at that too. For example his passion for good food can get so overbearing that he will be propelled into starting a restaurant. Interestingly, 30 per cent of the Sagittarius men that I have met across the world either run/own a restaurant or plan to open one. They also love to travel and have a knack of collecting the finer things of life during their journeys…which are amply manifested in their homes and offices.

How is he when in love?

There’s one word to describe a Sagittarius man in love…crazy. He is a true romantic and won’t fall short of doing the craziest of things to prove his love or to simply live the romance of his dreams. He is both eager and restless to experience love.

As said earlier, Sagittarius men generally have attractive personalities and women are naturally drawn to them. Most of them buckle under the pressure of such feminine attention and become flirts. A teenage Sagittarian will learn love by trial and error and therefore is likely to have a long list of girlfriends. But as he matures and understands the concept of love, he grows more comfortable in a relationship. He would then seek and strive for emotional stability.

If your love interest is a Sagittarian, then lady you have a hard time ahead of you. You will have to make yourself visible amongst the crowd of blondes and brunettes surrounding him. But let me assure you if you have the right kind of feminine charm and intelligence, he will seek you out…for this man wants a complete package for himself. His woman has to be not just a ‘woman’ but one with an intellect to reckon with.

Once you are dating him or even married to him, remember the ground rule—give him space. This guy likes freedom and adores people who give him that. But that doesn’t mean he is totally independent. When the heartstrings start tugging he’ll come running into your arms.

Compatibility quotient

How to gauge the compatibility level with a man who is not ready to commit himself? Will judging compatibility with him lead to a fruitful relationship? These questions are largely situational and generally depend on individual requirements. But based on the typical Sagittarian man’s personality traits, one can to a great extent determine what kind of women from the different zodiac signs can get along well with him.

Sagittarian man and…

Aries woman: 9/10. Excellent match! Both are impulsive and adventure-loving. He will keep the love fires glowing with his romanticism and good humour, while she will impress him constantly with her spontaneity. But she will of course have to rein her tongue to make this relationship work.

Taurus woman: 6/10. This relationship can work only if both are able to set to each other’s tune. The Sagittarian man will love her homeliness but won’t be able to take her emotional neediness. The Taurus woman will love his adventure spirit but might take his flirtatious nature too well.

Gemini woman: 7/10. While they both have same intellectual wavelength, they are too disparate emotionally. With love they can iron out the differences: he would have to be a bit more demonstrative of his love, while she should curb her friendliness with other men.

Cancer woman: 4/10. The Sagittarian man’s blunt tongue might shock the Cancerian’s sensitivity. If they don’t make compromises, he would find the relationship too binding while she would be hurt by his flirtatious ways.

Leo woman: 7/10. Great chemistry and a happy match! Both are fun loving and adventurous and are likely to hit off well in the long run. Of course, the Leo woman will have to be less demanding of his attention.

Virgo woman: 4/10. Not a very happy venture! The Virgo woman is homely and serious while the Sagittarian is adventurous and loves to be out in the open. Lot of hard work and compromises will be required to make this relationship work.

Libra woman: 8/10. If they are able to overcome the initial hiccups, this can be a fulfilling relationship. It would take a lot of convincing for both of them to commit as both are hesitant and the Libran is especially indecisive. But there on it would be a ball!

Scorpio woman: 4/10. The Scorpion is too intense to take the Sagittarian fun loving nature in her stride. While she has passion enough to ignite the fires of romance, he has good humour to make this relationship not fall into monotony. But both will have to work doubly hard to make this combination work in the long run.

Sagittarius woman: 9/10: Since she shares a lot with her male counterpart, both the archers will make a wonderful pair. Adventurous, fun loving and optimistic, they are likely to have a rocking time together. However, either the male or the female archer must have sense enough to hold their relationship above frivolity and fun.

Capricorn woman: 7/10: These two can hit off rather well. But how they would fare in the long run is a matter of adjustments and getting attuned to each other’s personality traits. As far as their natures go, the woman is quite intense while the male tends to get frivolous and flirtatious at times.

Aquarius woman: 9/10: A match well made! Both have qualities that the other appreciates. There will be not dearth of stimulating conversation in this relationship. Both are also capable of understanding each other beautifully.

Pisces woman: 4/10: It is a rare thing for a Sagittarian male to get off on a good start with the Piscean woman. And if they do, they are likely to fall apart in the long run. There is too much of gap between his realism and her dreaminess.

Sagittarius mencelebrities/personalities:

Frank Sinatra
Brad Pitt
Bruce Lee
Dilip Kumar
Raj Kapoor

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All About Scorpio Man

Here what all you wanted to know

Scorpio man – 23 October – 22 November


Boundless energy is the term that comes to my mind when I think of Scorpio men. They are so full of life and vitality; it’s a surprise how they manage to do umpteen tasks in a day. The fervour in their nature can be matched only by Aries men. But the catch here is with the Scorpion his passion borders dangerously near obsession.

Extremely fond of good clothes and good food, you might find him indulging in either of these quite often. The Scorpio guy is also extremely attached to his money… he is frequently seen taking measures to double it!

While he is fun to be with, he can get possessive of his relationships, especially girlfriends. Life with him will undoubtedly be a passionate affair but like every passion it has its fallouts. Living life in excesses, the Scorpio man’s nature is a two-sided sword… if he loves you God help you, if he hates you God help you double quick!

How to identify a Scorpio man in a crowd?

A Scorpio man displays the right mix of passion and composure. He is passionate about work, help, conversations, dressing, food and just about everything. Around 70% Scorpio men come across as passive in nature but can get aggressive when provoked. And the 30% who are actually aggressive can be passive and diplomatic when needed.

In spite of possessing diplomacy and humility, Scorpio men are reasonably arrogant. It is quite easy to identify a Scorpio man – he’s the one smooth talking everyone, especially women. If not that, you will find him in intense conversation involving money, work, and investments… generally about stuff related to economics.

Known to be extremely enterprising, he has ‘growth’ on his mind always. It’s not surprising to find a Scorpio man getting maximum promotions in an office environment.

How does he score on the following points?

Appearance: He is extremely stylish and fashionable. He is amongst the first few, like the Aries man, to adopt and adapt to new trends and fashions. His looks and appearance matter a lot to him and he is very conscious of the same. Both Scorpio men and women have fiery eyes.

A Scorpio man likes to be well groomed… to the extent of carrying a comb in his pocket. The need to be always immaculate is so intense in him that he won’t even shy away from shaving his chest to go swimming. That’s grooming to a tee, I say! That is one of the things a Scorpio man has common with an Aries man.

Ambition: There is an essential difference between being ambitious and enterprising. Scorpio men are very enterprising and have tremendous risk taking ability. No matter what field he is in, for the Scorpion the sky’s the limit. If he likes you he will not hesitate to share his ideas with you but yes, he can get superstitious about his plans.

Be it his own venture or someone else’s, a Scorpio man is a great motivator. Added to that is his warm and affectionate nature, which makes him extremely popular.

What are the general traits of a Scorpio man?

If there is a goddess of passion then Scorpio men are her true devotees. So much is this man taken in by whatever he does, loves or has… there is no other word to describe him but ‘passionate’. And his passion often makes him go into excesses with everything that he does. Believing in living a larger than life image, a Scorpio man will let his hair lose in any enterprise that catches his fancy… from working in the wee hours of the night to partying till morning.

In spite of the burning ardour he has within, it is rarely displayed on his face. He has a ‘cool dude’ image, which at times is carried to the extreme of coldness. But it should not be mistaken for indifference as he is concerned about all and sundry that touches his life.

Is there something more to his personality?

Yes there is a darker side to a Scorpio man’s personality. There are certain aspects which I have found unique to Scorpions.

A Scorpio man is afraid of death or disaster. He is therefore an easy victim to superstitions and the knick-knacks that accompany it. He will be taken up by curiosity to know his future and is also likely to take help of astrology, tarot card reading and numerology to know what is to come. Apart from wealth, prosperity and happiness, the one thing that preoccupies his mind is death… the inevitable stop to all his enterprises.

Another factor that keeps him in check is ‘public’. He knows his image depends a lot on what the general public thinks about him. He is always conscious of his image… including his dress, grooming, the car he travels in, the restaurants he eats at etc. He is therefore forever striving to make good impression on people around him and create a positive public image and opinion.

There is no word like mediocre in a Scorpio man’s dictionary. He believes in living life king size and has the courage and vision to achieve it. Actually he is not satisfied with anything and is in a constant need to do more and get more.

Is there something more to his persona?

Yes there is a darker side to a Scorpio man’s personality. There are certain aspects which I have found unique to Scorpions.

A Scorpio man is afraid of death or disaster. He is therefore an easy victim to superstitions and the knick-knacks that accompany it. He will be taken up by curiosity to know his future and is also likely to take the aid of astrology, tarot reading and numerology to know what is to come. Apart from wealth, prosperity and happiness, the one thing that preoccupies his mind is death…the inevitable stop to all his enterprises.

Another factor that keeps him in check is ‘public’. He knows his image depends a lot on what the general public thinks about him. He is always conscious of his image… including his dress, grooming, the car he travels in, the restaurants he eats at, etc. He is therefore forever striving to make good impression on people around him and create a positive public image and opinion.

How is he when in love?

I think he can go completely blind when in love. Since he is obsessive by nature he gets so when in love. You need to have a lot of energy to keep up with him. He is entertaining, adventurous, fun loving and passionate. But slightest casualness shown by his woman can get him to lose interest and divert his attention elsewhere. He can be unforgiving in situations like these. He expects his partner to be as obsessive as him about their relationship. Another common trait shared with a Aries man.

He has a magnetic personality and women often find themselves gravitating into his field of influence. But he is selective about the women he dates. So no matter how many females fall for him, he will pick the one that fits in his image of a perfect woman.

An important aspect about a Scorpio man’s love is his concept of the ideal. To him the woman in his life should conform to the ideal female he has in his mind… and no that need not be like his mother

Compatibility quotient:

Should one match passion with passion or balance it out with patience and forbearance? Should one submit to possessive or aggressive behaviour or hold one’s stand? Answers to these questions can lead to a better understanding of what compatibility is for a Scorpio man. How easy or difficult is it to get along with a Scorpio guy? Here are some answers.

Scorpio man and…

Aries woman: 7/10. She has the vivacity to match his passionate nature and he has the intensity to keep her interested. But she should learn to curb her controlling nature while he should rest his possessive mind a bit. With a good amount of understanding this relationship can work out pretty well.

Taurus woman: 5/10. A difficult match! Both can try each other’s patience to the extreme. He will find it hard to cope with her stubbornness while she will be perturbed by his secretiveness.

Gemini woman: 4/10. This combination might result in clashes as the Scorpio man is too possessive to suit a Gemini woman. She is also too impatient and wild to be able to adjust with his dominating nature.

Cancer woman: 9/10. These two can between themselves redefine perfection. The passion in him will be complemented by the romantic in her. He will be able to draw her out and she will find it easy to communicate her feelings in his presence. He can give her the security she wants while she will put him on a pedestal…something that would please him infinitely.

Leo woman: 4/10. A good deal of anger management will be required at both ends to make this relationship work. Both are bossy and impatient. She can get frivolous at times while he will find it difficult to fulfil her desires of affection and warmth.

Virgo woman: 8/10. This relationship can go a long way. The Scorpio man’s passion will be matched by the Virgo woman’s romance. Further, they will balance each other well especially with his emotions and her pragmatism. Her femininity will be an add-on.

Libra woman: 6/10. Not a very good match, but it can work if both learn to adjust. His bossiness will irk her while her love for freedom might keep the mercury of his suspicions always on the rise.  

Scorpio woman: 8/10. Once the Scorpio man learns to take the admiring glances thrown at his female counterpart in a sporting way, this relationship can work admirably well. Both share a lot in common and are therefore likely to understand each other better. However, both will have to rein in their egos.

Sagittarius woman: 4/10: This union lacks the basic essentials of a good match. It lacks romance and depth. She is too playful for his passionate disposition, while he is too forceful to suit her outgoing nature.

Capricorn woman: 8/10: A good combination…that works for both. The Scorpio man has the tact of bringing the Capricorn woman out of her shell. She on the other hand will offer the loyalty and dependability he looks for in a woman.

Aquarius woman: 6/10: The success of this union depends on compromises. The Scorpio man can be stumped by the Aquarian’s constant demand for attention. The Aquarius woman would find his sarcastic sense of humour a complete turn off.

Pisces woman: 9.5/10: Jackpot! The Scorpio man and Pisces woman get along really well with each other as they understand each other’s emotional needs. Both have the indispensable elements of loyalty and dependability that the other requires.

Scorpio men celebrities/personalities:


Bill Gates

Leonardo DiCaprio

Shah Rukh Khan

Kamal Hassan

Jawaharlal Nehru

All About Libra Man the Sun Sign

Libra man - 24th September-22nd October


A Libra man is a man of the world. He has infinite charm and a friendly demeanour. Once you meet him, you are not likely to forget the casual chat you had with him for a long time. And chat with him you will, he has an irresistible attraction factor and you will be instantly drawn into his circle of influence.

But no amount of charm can help the Libran in making decisions. The scales of his sun sign will keep tipping every time he is faced with a decision-making situation. It is the urge to get the best in life and do ‘a thousand things’ in one go that propels him ahead.

Romantic and carefree, a Libran can as easily shrug responsibility as a cat shakes water off its fur.  His ability to connect with people on a social level makes him befriend many but he shares true friendship with few. Whichever relationship role he plays, he is fun to be with and extremely entertaining.

How can you identify a Libra man in a crowd?

In a group, gathering or party, it is easy to identify a Libra man. He is usually the one with a warm and friendly expression on his face and is popular amongst everyone. From an early age he usually has a calm and composed expression on his face which belies  the restless dynamo beneath. During his conversations or in his behaviour you will never be able spot the hurry or restlessness that he has to meet and greet other people. He would show deep interest in a conversation but upon seeing other friends may include them in the same. He has a natural way of networking, which very few sun signs possess.

There is no particular face type to describe a Libra man but it is the calmness of face and sharpness of eyes, combined with sincerity in speech and attitude that makes him friendly. Melting smile, hovering eyes constantly darting from one place to another—that’s a Libra man for you!

What are the key features of his personality?

A Libra male is a romantic at heart and he discovers romance at an early age. His source of inspiration lies not in romance novels or movies but his own nature. Charming and friendly, he connects easily with people. He also has impressive looks and good humour to match his skills. He likes the idea of falling in love and being in love, hence his mind is in a perpetual state of romance. But he also has a strong practical aspect to his personality so his romantic ideas are not baseless or in the air.

Another peculiar trait in a Libran is his concept of fair play. Although he is capable of playing practical jokes and doing crazy things that boys do when young, as he matures he understands the difference between fair and unfair. He can become a strong believer in justice and fair play. But somehow when it comes to his own cause, he would try and swing things his way.

What is his approach towards life?

How is he on the following aspects?

Appearance: Being adaptive and adventurous by nature, a Libra man is capable of switching from classic to casual and even funky…just to please his moods. For him it is important to have a wardrobe for all occasions, be it golf, tennis, mountain climbing, river rafting…of course that’s besides his regular office and party wear.

He would enjoy following fashion and trends but prefer to develop his own style in dressing, which distinguishes him from others.

Ambition: Nothing but the best will do for our man. A Libran male is ambitious and will work resolutely till he accomplishes what he sets his heart on. And to fulfill his dreams he is capable of working fourteen to sixteen hours a day too. But all his efforts must yield results and rewards. He hates it when his efforts go in vain.

All this doesn’t mean he is not capable of having fun. If given a choice, he would put in six-seven hours of work everyday and spend the rest of his time goofing around. This is chiefly because he wants to do so much inso little time. My Libran friends often laugh with me when I tell them that one lifetime is just not enough for them.

How is he when in love?

If a Libra man is a micro chip, then the only language he understands is love.

Love brings the best out of a Libra man. But the first step towards love is friendship. His natural flair to connect with people enables him to forge genuine friendship bond with men and women alike. With women friendships can lead to love, but not necessarily marriage. Given his knack for weighing the plus and minus of everything, he will not commit to anyone immediately.

But once you have his love, it is for keeps. Not one to back out on his commitment, he will put in every bit of effort to make a relationship work. And it is up to you to keep the romance alive in your relationship…for this guy is a real sucker for it!

Is there more to his persona?

Libra is represented by the sign of the scales and you will notice the balancing act becomes an important factor of a Libra male’s personality. He spends a good deal of time (a great deal actually!) in thinking, working out details and deciding about every minutest aspect of life. He finds it difficult to make up his mind…but the only person he would consult in times of confusion is himself. You will rarely find him being impulsive about anything and even if he is…it’s a calculated impulse. Ironic, isn’t it?

The funny part is his mental act of weighing the pros and cons of people and situations, which is quite evident in his unvarying eye movements which offer him the opportunity to scan the entire perimeter constantly.

Compatibility quotient:

Being compatible with the charming Libran is a fine balancing act. Getting along with him on friendly terms is easy but eking out a long-term relationship with him is a totally different ball game. If you succeed in understanding the pros and cons of his personality, it would be fairly easy to gel with him. And there is always his irresistible charm to egg you on.

Libra man and…

Aries woman: 7/10. These two can hit off pretty well. Once the Arien learns to deal patiently with the Libran indecisiveness, this relationship will be full of passion and of course romance.

Taurus woman: 7/10. With the right amount of hard work and understanding, this combination can work in the long run. The Libran will have to be more conscious of the Taurean’s need for security, while she will have to be less emotionally needy.

Gemini woman: 9.5/10. Ah! Looks like we got a perfect balance for our Libran man!   The Libran wit and the Gemini liveliness make a wonderful match. They suit each other perfectly and their passionate nature and love for socialising only adds to their compatibility.

Cancer woman: 6/10. This relationship can work only if both stress on understanding each other. The Cancerian’s high emotional needs might go unfulfilled if the Libran takes off on his intellectual trips. Hence both need to meet each other on common ground.

Leo woman: 8/10. Since both are expressive and outspoken this relationship will work wonderfully in the long run. There will be enough romance and excitement to keep the passion alive for long.

Virgo woman: 4/10. Opposite forces are at work here. The Virgo woman’s pessimism might frustrate the Libran while his indecisiveness will her run out of patience.

Libra woman: 7/10. Love for finer things in life will form the grounds for initial attraction between them. Being romantics and intellectuals, there would be enough camaraderie and conversation between the two, but their understanding should go beyond their innate charm to make this relationship a successful one.

Scorpio woman: 6/10. Compatibility will come only with compromise. The Scorpio woman will have to curb her possessiveness and understand the Libran’s need for freedom. 

Sagittarius woman: 8/10: Her spontaneity and extrovert nature will surely attract a typical Libran. Whatever differences they have can be cleared with communication and understanding. This relationship will also have lot of chemistry, thanks to Libran romance and Sagittarian passion.

Capricorn woman: 6/10: This one can go either way. His flirtatious nature and the constant feminine attention that he gets won’t go down well with her. She will also find it hard to comprehend his disorganised nature. Both will have to make adjustments in order to build a successful relationship.

Aquarius woman: 9/10: A bonanza for both! He will appreciate her spontaneity while she will be impressed with his intellectual bent of mind. It is likely to be a comfortable and fulfilling relationship for both.

Pisces woman: 6/10: Both will need to look beyond themselves to succeed in this relationship. Once the initial attraction wears out, they would need to have something more to hold them together. The Libran has to come to terms with the Piscean sensitivity while the Piscean has to realise and accept the fact that he has a life beyond home.

Libra mencelebrities/personalities:

Amitabh Bachchan
Bruce Springsteen
Michael Douglas
Jean-Claude Van Damme
A Libra male is realistic and practical in his approach to life. But he is also highly emotional and sentimental, which sometimes clouds his ability to think practically. There is something of a dreamer in him and he is also idealistic about life. The Libran is one man who wants to extract everything from life. Like I said before he wants to do everything, be everywhere, learn everything…and more. I have nicknamed a few of my Libran and Sagittarian male friends as walking-talking encyclopedias because of this quality of theirs. Libra males are capable of being both followers and leaders.

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